Facade Maintainance

The word façade stands for “ the outer glass “ of a building . With more & more building being labeled as “ green “ façade maintenance as emerged as a service area which needs professionals for proper upkeep . Façade maintenance as a service is of extreme importance to a building as it not only about looks but energy savings, impression and branding of the property .

The service encompasses the following :

Cleaning of the outer façade ( glass , stone, Aluminumcomposite panel ( ACP) extension drops , brackets & ledges .
Repair and Annual Maintenance Contracts ( AMC ) of the equipments used namely cradles .
Installation, Commissioning , Testing & maintenance of new systems for high rise access .
Renting of equipments , tools , machinery for working at heights for civil, mechanical ,electrical or cleaning jobs .
Putting up new signage , repair & replacement of existing one .
Checking for leakage & filling of silica gel to fix it .
Repair and replacement of glass , ACPs , and other Façade furniture .
Removal of Bee hive and other unwanted pest structures from façade area

Infrastructure :

Being a specialized service provider for façade DBMSS is very well equipped in terms of resources needed to access heights which otherwise can unsafe and dangerous .

Rope access systems ( RAS ) alias spider technique :

Trained and experienced RAS personal for carrying out cleaning and maintenance jobs at heights . Total number of reserve kits --- 5 ( for as and when requirements ) . In RAS a single individual to rappels down with the support of a poly-nylon rope ( main rope) . He is equipped with cleaning liquid, squeeze, applicator ,bucket , scrapper , safety gear, helmets to carry out the cleaning job. A separate rope ( safety rope , 16mm , nylon ) carries a fall arrester lock to catch & hold the person’s load in case of an emergency. Additional equipments like Suction cup is used by the RAS personal to attach his weight to the static façade area while cleaning .

Scaffolding towers up to 120 ft for accessing areas which cannot be touched using cradles or RAS or other conventional methods .

Ladders & Vehicles:
DBMSS has its own set of ladders to carry out façade work on urgent basis up to 52 ft . For portability of the equipment DBMSS has its own set of vehicles .

Availability of Technical manpower and tools :
For sites where cradles are installed for working on façade area , DBMSS has its own technical team to deliver maintenance service . The same team is also engaged in recommending , installing , testing & commissioning of new systems .


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